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Article Writing Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing is based on 4 factors: the type of paper, the number of pages, the academic level, and the deadline within which you need the paper completed.

An urgent PhD paper will definitely cost you more than a High School paper with several days before it falls due

Unfortunately, we only start working on a paper, the moment we receive payment

The paper deadline begins counting once payment is received.

If you desire to have a look at a few samples of our work, you can chat and request our support team

All payments are handled by PayPal and we do not store any credit card information. Moreover, we have helped thousands of clients already with over 60% of them working with us for more than 1 year because they feel secure with us.

All prices are calculated based on your requirements. However, we value returning customers, and have awesome discounts for them on this page.

No at all. This like seeking help from a tutor to point you in the right direction or offer sample solutions to follow through

We offer our services so that you could make use of our research for your paper’s topic. You don’t have to submit the paper as your own. You can learn from it and use it as an alternative resource.

Absolutely! In fact, our experts write each essay from scratch, which guarantees our clients 100% unique and original papers. What’s more, you get an opportunity to work closely with the writer whereby you can give him instructions at various points. You can rest assured that when you place an order with us you will get exactly the kind of paper you want.

Thestudycorp.com gives a client’s personal details a lot of security. We have a policy on client confidentiality and we put every measure to ensure we achieve this. You are guaranteed 100% that no third party will access your personal details.

It is a simple process. We have an order form that has a few steps, which you will be required to perform and submit. Our support team will be on standby to help you out where you experience difficulties..

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