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Affortable Business Consultant is a full service consulting individual dedicated to the success of your small to medium size business. I am confident that I can provide you with the most professional, most knowledgeable, most experienced, and most worthwhile business consulting service on the planet! My business consulting services range from the most basic strategic planning to the most time consuming jobs, such as a complete business overhaul. I expect all of my clients to have high expectations. My business consulting service may be just what your business needs to get over the hump and become a force to be reckoned with. I provide a proven, hands-on approach for improving performance. My comprehensive business consulting service is designed to increase your business productivity and profitability. Affortable Business Consultants will work with you to define your needs, narrow the scope of the problem area(s), and propose a consulting engagement that is designed specifically for your company. Turn your business into the powerhouse you dreamed it would become. Affortable Business Consultants is your answer. It is my goal to enhance the value of your small business by offering smart solutions through my business consulting service.

Learn what my business consulting service can do for your companyAffortable Business Consultants is a service consulting individual specializing in assisting small to medium size businesses. Whether you need to design a Business and Marketing Plan, strategic planning, prepare your accounting records, projections, cash flow analysis, or just need a troubleshooter, Affortable Business Consultant can prepare your company for the present and the future.

I offer practical hands-on experience assisting small to medium size businesses. In addition, I have the ability to troubleshoot problems and prepare your business team to handle them before they become detrimental to your company. Services Affortable Business Consultants offers a comprehensive hands-on planning resource allocation and implementation program to my clients. I make technology work for you to maximize your business productivity and profitability.

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