camping is fun

People who love the wild and adventurous outdoors will totally enjoy camping. Nothing beats taking a short or long break away from those stressful, hair yanking days back at home sweet home than waking up to peace and tranquility. Beautiful ladies, handsome gentlemen, silly boys and girls of all ages are never too young or too old to go a few hot summer days and cool breezy nights out camping with close friends and supportive families. It does not mean that it is appropriate to take a newborn baby out to the can-be-dangerous outdoors unless the proper baby equipment is in sweaty hands reach.

It also does not make it appropriate to take an elderly, curious and clumsy grandparent. While camping, it is appropriate to make sure that everyone who attends is healthy and that there are also convenient supplies such as first aid, food, water, and shelter accessible to everyone. There will be various trees, tents, lakes, animals and toasty campfires to see while camping and once all is set up correctly, the camping trip will definitely be enjoyable. During camping, there will be a large variety of different trees in sight such as oak, pine, maple, spruce, elm, and cottonwood.

Marvelous tree scents will be flowing through the humid air during the hot days and will continue on through the cool and breezy nights. Almost every single tree will be very bushy and have bright green leaves. As the wind blows, the trees will sound like invisible rain hitting the soft dirty ground lightly and rapidly. While taking a stroll through the paths of this forest-like campsite, it will be interesting to feel the scratchy bark of the trees and to get a prickly sensation of the still leaves that lay on the muddy ground.

It would also be really fun to find a tree next to a lake so that the campers could tie a long, thick rope around one of the tree’s biggest branch and swing from the ground into the water. During camping, no camper is alone or wants to be alone. It is rare when a camper decides to be brave and explore the campsite on their own, but the smart and fun thing to do is camp in groups. Usually, campers will have quite a few tents of all different sorts of colors that smell like they have been in storage for a while and are probably wet from the last rainstorm set up.

There are small and flimsy tents that are closed by velcro that is rough on one side and soft on the other side. There are big and heavy zipper tents that are like small homes and will fit a family of ten. There are also tents that will be comfortable for only one camper. Some campers choose to camp near a calm lake, river with a lot of current or even a busy waterfall. Campers will dive off a cliff from one of the top of the waterfalls, but campers should also be very careful and look out for rocks in the water. Campers will love to fish and show their little children how to fish.

There are plenty of fresh water fish in the lakes but the most commonly caught fish is the trout fish. While camping, the campers are amongst nature all the time. Sometimes, campers will see big black bears and big brown bears. Campers dealing with wildlife can be tremendously dangerous and is best to avoid all the time. Campers love to sit around the toasty-warm campfire and sing along to familiar songs. Some campers have grills that are made out of steel sitting over the campfires. Campers use these grills for specific pots, pans and kettles to boil water and to place food items other than wieners and marshmallows.

Campers will poke a stick through the wiener, roast them until they are slightly burned and finally gulp them down their watery throats. Campers also love to eat sweet treats around the campfires because a campfire is not a campfire without yummy delicious smores. The wonderful taste of the grainy graham crackers is magnificently good. A little rectangular shaped piece of Hershey’s Chocolate simply melts in one’s mouth. A fluffy and soft marshmallow tastes delicious after toasted by the hot flames of the campfire.

Camping offers all kinds of campers’ complete freedom when choosing almost any fine holiday. Sometimes campers will choose to get away to the sandy beaches and set up a volley ball net and make hilarious team names for each team. Campers can escape to the Rocky Mountains and camp there. If they bring the right equipment, maybe the campers can go rock climbing. Some campers like to take time out by the lakeside, or even camping out in the country under the stars. Anywhere a happy camper goes, there is always a location that is suitable.

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