cancer registry assignment

The NCR is a population base hat received data from hospitals, outpatient facilities and pathology laboratories from all 16 counties in the State of Nevada. According census. Gob there is an estimated 2,839,099 people living in Nevada and according to health. NV. Gob, the expected number of people to get cancer in Nevada is 12,230. The NCR collects data on all reportable cancers. In accordance with NP and NACRE Standards, the NCR strives to achieve and maintain 95% complete case ascertainment within 24 months of diagnosis date. The data is compiled, aggregated and submitted to federal agencies annually.

Once submitted, the Registry data is viewed by each diagnosis year for completeness, accuracy and timeliness. Through NACRE, registries are recognized for meeting the highest standards of data quality with Gold or Silver Standard Certifications each data year. The NCR has achieved Gold Standard Certification six out of the last seven diagnosis years reported. With over five consecutive years of data qualifying for Gold Standard Certification, the Nacre’s data has been included in the United States Cancer Statistics (USC) and the Cancer in North America (CHINA) publications.

The Nevada Report on Cancer is intended to be published on a biannual basis with facial reports published on a periodic basis. According to www. Health. NV. Gob/ publications, there is roughly around twenty different reports ranging from general reports on Cancer in Nevada from 1995-1999, also, Report on Cancer in Nevada 2001-2005, Female Breast Cancer in Nevada, Collateral Cancer in Nevada, Mesopotamia in Nevada etc. What was found while visiting the CDC website, it give statistics on State vs..

National statistics in many areas ranging from Lung and Bronchus to Melanomas of the skin to Colon and Rectum. Additionally you can alter years you would like to research and male vs.. Female statistics. The CDC also provides a view that can be viewed with tubular data and age-adjusted data. Training resources for the State of Nevada are very friendly, not only is all of their data provided in PDF format, they also provide video training for some of the most popular topics and or trends.

The State of Nevada also provides toll free telephone numbers for you to call if one was seeking more information on a specific topic. Additionally, the State of Nevada provides hyperlinks for all of their sources, it’s a very user friendly website to work with and to abstract information. For Certified Cancer Registrars, the State of Nevada provides a very helpful Nevada Central Cancer Registry Manual to either save, print or view twenty four hours a day.

For Certified Cancer Registrars, they have a whole section dedicated to them along with two locations based in Northern Nevada and Southern Nevada. NCR periodically conducts case completeness and data quality audits through an NCR Certified Tumor Registrar as required by the NP. They perform Scaffoldings Audits, Re-Abstractions, NP Audits and NCR Death Clearance Audits. The State of Nevada follows NP guidelines with the acceptable accuracy rate for all audits to be 95-100%.

Nevada hospital is audited every five years while each facility is audited periodically. Basic rules for the State of Nevada is that all reportable cancer cases diagnosed an or treated in the facility after January 1, 1995 must be abstracted and reported to the Nevada Central Registry. Hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, laboratories, radiation therapy facilities, oncology facilities and physician offices are required to report cancer cases to the NCR. Hospitals need to abstract inpatient and outpatient cases.

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