contrast between henchard and farfrae mayor of casterbridge

An Extreme Contrast
Michael Henchard and Donald Farfrae are The Mayor of Casterbridge two main characters who the reader will discover are complete opposites, “Character is Fate, said Novalis, and Farfrae’s character was just the reverse of Henchard’s” (Page 117). Henchard and Farfrae have a night and day contrast. Henchard is quick tempered [Telegraphic]. Farfrae is a man of calmness [Adjective Phrase]. While there is an extreme contrast between Henchard and Donald, it helps advance the plot [Introductory Dependent Clause].
Henchard and Farfrae are contrast in more than just their actions, but in the way the book portrays them. Henchard is not well educated, stands around six feet tall, dark hair, and the novel repeatedly makes references to his dark eyes. Farfrae, on the other hand, is intelligent, short, and well informed about the business of corn and grain. The contrast between Henchard and Farfrae begins to show that Henchard depends more on his hard labor, whereas Farfrae relies on is intelligence. The contrast begins to show the night and day personalities of the two men [Adverb Phrase].
Donald Farfrae is passing through Casterbridge, and he is on his way to America in search of wealth when he meets Michael Henchard [Compound Sentence]. Farfrae being well-educated has a valuable technique for wheat and it saves Henchard the embarrassment of his recent bad decision concerning cropping. Henchard convinces Farfrae to stay in Casterbridge and work for him, so Farfrae turns out to be an even better manager than Henchard could ever be by; improving the technology, getting thing up to date, becoming organized and improving business discipline [Long Sentence]. Realizing Farfrae is out doing him, Henchard starts to become jealous. [Present Participle Phrase]. Farfrae, unintentionally, ends up throwing a better party than Henchard. Henchard became aggravated, fired his good friend and employee Farfrae [Past Participle Phrase]. This helps the plot advance in.

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