cyberbullying 3

Until recently, children who were victims of bullying in the classroom or on the playground could find peace at home or at school. Students who use the computers to bully people should be prosecuted for cyber bullying made on social media. The reason students should be prosecuted for cyber bullying because students feel that they can put whatever they want on social media that is in a way that can that can be in a way of bullying.

Lori Drew was convicted of violating the computer Fraud and Abuse Act after creating a fake Namespace account. Assuming the identity of a teenage boy Drew used the account to flirt with and later break up with thirteen year old Megan Meier. This implies that students use social media to inflict verbal abuse to other people. Students that have been a victim of the situation feel less about themselves, or try to physically hurt themselves because of someone’s careless actions.

Kirk Simon states in Sacrificing the First Amendment to catch “Submersibles” that the first amendment Is regularly limited by legislation In various ways, but this does not make it some sort of nebulous “privilege” such that hurt feelings Justify Its abridgment. One may argue that students who use social media to say hurtful things to people Is cute or Just a way kids have fun. But all students don’t take It that way, students are very sensitive and take It very seriously. Research shows that 20% of youth ages 11-18 have been a victim of accessibility and 10% of youth ages 11-18 have been a volt and offender. % of targets said that their online experiences as a target of accessibility affected them at school, home, and with friends and reported experiencing feelings of frustration, anger, and sadness. This describes the Inability to sense the emotions and feelings associated with the receipt of a message. Students should be prosecuted for statements made on social media because people say things that hurt their feelings so they feel less about them self and It affects their dally lifestyle. And It shouldn’t be another student being childish and selfish of other people’s feelings

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