introduction and conclusion to cancer

CANCER, a 6 letter word that makes our world upside down, but do you know, what cancer is? Yes, it is a rapid cause of the decline of human race, but can you discern the mechanics of cancer? Do you know what kind of sickness, cancer is? And are you aware of its symptoms? In this report, we’ll show you the world that is hidden beneath those white robes of doctors, of those cancer patients, and of all those cancer patient’s families, the world that we only hear of, the world that starts off with CANCER.

Cancer might turn our lives from inside out, but when this sickness is thrown into our life, the one thing worthy of doing is to have faith- to have faith in God, to have faith in the future, and to have faith that all will be alright. Death is a possibility, but then, when one forgets to have hope and to have faith, it’s just the same as facing death.

This sickness is one that still doesn’t have a cure and it is one of the scariest things that can happen to a person and to those whom we love, yet when one can overcome a challenge as big as “cancer”, it just goes to say that, that person is a fighter, for one cannot be a fighter without facing a trial and this trial in anyone’s life is far tougher to overcome than anything.

Conclusion. For those of you who has a love on stricken with cancer, Believe in them, believe in their future, believe that they have the strength to face cancer, and remember to hold tightly to your beliefs, for even if this is the only thing that you can do, it is already portraying your love and care for them, because in some sort of way having faith and loving them, can do wonders to a person’s life, especially a person stricken with cancer.

Sometimes, things might just seem to be impossible, but then with God nothing is impossible. God wouldn’t give anyone trials that they couldn’t overcome. Sometimes we ask the question “why? ” “Why did God made _____ sick? ” “why do I need to face this kinds of hardships? ” yet, when we look back, it is in that hardships that we can help others, and it is in that trials, that we’ve learned to be stronger. God always has a plan for us all, and He won’t ever live our life.

This report, can also tell those people who has never really understand the fundamentals of life, and those who forgets that life is precious, to treasure every single day in their life. For every day is a blessing given by our Lord and every day that we feel as though we’re losing the battle of life, think of those that are truly battling for their life. They battle each day with strength, and we just waste our days with worries and with sorrows that seems meager compared to their problems. So live life, one day at a time, JOYFULLY!

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