johns character development a brave new world

In Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, John’s identities are influenced by two opposite societies, and even though he tries to prove his manhood and change the framework of brave new world, he can’t gain real acceptance from anywhere. John’s mother, Linda, is from the brave new world but gave birth to him in the savage reservation and her different behaviors based on the framework of the brave new world caused John’s isolation in the savage reservation. John decides to move to the brave new world and becomes popular in this society, but his identity, influenced by his “savage” culture, can’t be accepted by the community. His conflict with the brave new world finally forces him to try to change the framework of the society, but his attempt is futile because it goes against the stability of this new environment and leads him to suicide. John can’t gain acceptance and prove his manhood in the savage reservation because of his mother’s unacceptable behaviors which were influenced by the framework of the brave new world. Although John was born in the savage reservation, he is an outcast and different from others in this society. The main reason which causes his isolation comes from his mother’s unacceptable deportment. Linda used to be a typical citizen in the brave new world. Her personality was conditioned by its code of behavior which went totally against the framework of the savage reservation.

The biggest difference is the view of sexual relations. In order to attain stability, the brave new world doesn’t want its citizens to suffer for their desires to have sex. Linda maintains this belief after she goes to the savage reservation. She has sex with anyone she wants and can’t understand what she has done wrong. These behaviors can’t be accepted by the savage citizens. They think that having sex should be based on love and marriage, and that people should show loyalty to their mates. Because of their different viewpoints, women came to abuse her, which not only hurt Linda’s feelings but also change people’s views of John. This condition results in John’s isolation and influences his viewpoint about sex. Even though John tries to focus on reading skills in order to prove his manhood, the foundational difference of the two cultures can’t be changed, so that John can’t gain the acceptance he wants from savage reservation. His isolation illustrates the conflict between two opposite cultures.

John becomes popular in the brave new world because of his special identity which is from savage reservation, but his “uncivilized” values can’t be accepted in this society. Although the savage reservation is uncivilized in the brave new world citizens’ eyes, they are still intrigued with this mysterious society where most of them have no chance to go. John’s uniqueness, being from the savage reservation and shockingly born makes him attract the inhabitants’ attentions. All of these reasons result in John’s popularity in this society, and even change Bernard’s status in the society. Many people try to be friendly with Bernard in order to meet John. Bernard’s fate is dependent on John from then on.

However, under the surface of John’s popularity, his real identities and value can’t be accepted by this society. He is only a guinea pig in others’ views. His unacceptable values have been caused by the differences between the two societies. His homeland is useless in others’ view; his religion is considered only a joke in the brave new world; most of his beliefs are wrong within the framework of the brave new world. After taking a tour around brave new world and getting along with other citizens, John’s anticipation changes into horror and disgust. His relationship with Lenina changes both of their identities. They have different views of love. Lenina views love as being equal to sex. In contrast, John wishes to prove his manhood and have a real relationship with Lenina. “I wanted to do something first… I mean, to show I was worthy of you” (189). This difference prevents Lenina’s desire from being satisfied. Thus, instead of no feeling, Lenina begins to have strong passion and emotion toward John. John also can’t accept Lenina’s view of love, and gets mad with her behaviors. Finally, their love evolves into violence and pain. Even though John is popular, his integrity, strength and abilities can’t be proven to both himself and to others. He is good at reading, and enjoys reading Shakespeare. This feature helps him think and research more than others. As a product of both worlds, he stands out in the brave new world, and has his unique ideas and independent thoughts about this world.

John tries to change the framework of this brave new world based upon his values, but all his attempts opposing stability can’t be accepted and finally lead him to his death. Linda’s death marks a transition point of John’s life. Through this trauma, John experiences these citizens’ indifference. He can’t understand their callousness toward a real human’s death. Linda was his real mother, and he loved her very much. This kind of close relationship did not exist in the brave new world. Therefore, John can’t adopt citizens’ attitudes, and the citizens view him as a person who will destroy the status quo. This event affects John’s feelings and forces him to take a stand against the brave new world. Preventing soma distribution is his chance to confront this “enemy”. He thinks, “Linda had been a slave, Linda had died; others should live in freedom, and the world be made beautiful” (210). This reflection makes him consider a rebellion – throwing the soma away.

This reaction also helps Helmholtz to step out. At that moment, he understands the thing he wants to do – free the citizens. However, this rebellion can’t be successful forever since this reaction will totally undermine any stability. Most citizens never developed their own identities, because they followed the ideologies of the brave new world without question. They refuse to accept the changes and can’t agree with any criticisms against the community. Even though John’s talk with Mustapha Mond proves that he is right, the community can’s accept his values, because all changes including real art, science and religion are all dangerous for society’s purpose – stability. After finding the true make up of this world, John and Helmholtz choose their own values. Stability is not equal to happiness for them, so they both decide to leave, going to harsh destinations to suffer the pain. Instead of easy and comfortable living, freedom of thinking is more important for them. John finds a quiet place far from the brave new world and begins his new life. He even forces himself to forget about luxury and comfort by abusing himself. Pain and punishment gives him the freedom to prove his manhood and value. Unfortunately, the best time of his life ends when someone reports his reactions. Numerous citizens come to his new home and view him as a buffoon. His inner peace is destroyed by their ridicule because their reactions show that they can’t accept his beliefs, which finally leads him to die after Lenina’s coming. The way he dies illustrates his fate again. “The feet turned towards the right; north, north-east, east, south-east…” (259) Huxley used this ending to present his misfortune. Although he is influenced by two societies, there is no real place which accepts him.

Overall, John’s isolation is caused by the conflict between two opposite cultures. The influence of the brave new world on Linda causes his isolation in the savage reservation. At the same time, the savage reservation influences the development of his value and manhood. Therefore, he can’t gain acceptance because “uncivilized” culture can’t be accepted by the brave new world.

John is a product of two opposite society. His identity is influenced by the frameworks of two societies. The impact between two opposite society makes him become isolated in every society. This impact influences his societal interaction in both societies, therefore, his identity is effected by the differences. This essay illustrates the effects cause John’s misfortune and isolation as well as his societal interaction in these two societies.

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