julius caesar cassius

Cassius If there were to be a villain in the Tragedy of Julius Caesar Cassius would be it. Cassius is the character who first thought up of the conspiracy against Julius Caesar. His motives werent as noble as Brutus but he made Brutus believe they were. Cassius did whatever it took to get Brutus to join in the conspiracy. We can clearly see Cassius true nature by what he does and says in the play.

Cassius is a sly, deceitful and an untrustworthy character. Caesar described him best. He said (act1, scene 2, line 195), Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous. Cassius is very superstitious. This is shown when he says (act 5, scene 1, line 75) you know I held Epicurus strong, and his opinion. Now I change my mind, and partly credit things that do presage. He believes in omen and signs that foretell events to come. Cassius is conceded. This is shown when he says to Brutus (act1, scene 2, line 116), And this man is now become a god, and Cassius is now a wretched creature, and must bend his body if Caesar careless but nod on him. Cassius continues on saying about times when he saved Caesar from drowning and when he saw Caesar with a fever and he started to shake. All this tells us that Cassius thinks he is just as good or even better than Caesar.Cassius first shows his character of deceit when he put false notes from people in the window of Brutus. This was so Brutus would think a lot of people would be with him if he killed Caesar. He also tries to make Brutus jealous of Caesar. Cassius says to Brutus (act 1,scene 2,line 43), Brutus and Caesar. What should be in that Caesar? Cassius continues to flatter Brutus but that didnt work on Brutus honorable soul.

Cassius knew that the people would kill him if he had killed Caesar alone so Cassius tricked Brutus in to joining the conspiracy. Cassius is a good friend of Brutus and he knew that if Brutus was in the conspiracy that the people might think there was a good cause because Brutus had a reputation of being noble and honorable. Cassius was a good judge of character. This is what Cassius thought of Brutus (act 1, scene 3, line 301), Well, Brutus, thou art noble; yet I see thy honorable mettle may be wrought from that it is disposed. Therefore it is meet that thy noble minds keep ever with their likes; for who so firm that cannot be seduced? . Without Brutus there wouldnt have been a conspiracy. Cassius was the character who originally thought up the conspiracy. He was more motivated by jealousy than for the freedom of Rome. Cassius is a sly, deceitful and an untrustworthy character. However, he is not all bad. He is also sensitive and caring. He shows this when he went with Brutus to fight in Phillipi even though he was against it. Cassius did this because Brutus wife had just killed herself.

In my opinion there wouldnt be any story without Cassius. If it werent for him the conspiracy wouldnt have been thought up and there would be no tragedy in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar.

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