oh brother im dying

Question 2 Brother I’m Dying Uncle Joseph couldn’t speak for a while, but that did not stop him from supporting and caring for his family and community. I think the way Edwidge told her story about her life was very expressing. She described all the events so good, that I could picture it in my head. Through her words, I felt that Uncle Joseph was a strong man that did not let anything bring him down. He stood up for what he believed. He always managed to help other people.

For example he took care of his niece and nephew for more than ten years. Even after having his struggles with the American forces, the Bel Air gangs and being detained by the U. S. Customs, he still remained strong and did not give up. I believe that through her writing, Edwidge did keep her Uncle Josephs identity and dignity. She described her uncle and his actions in a very unique way. She made it seem like the readers were part of the book.

I felt like I knew who Uncle Joseph was by the way she described him and his actions. Uncle Joseph’s image stayed alive with Danticats words and phrases. He was a strong Haitian man, that even throat cancer couldn’t stop him from helping others. He couldn’t take “No” as answer; he would always do whatever he could to help others out. I think that by Danticat writing this book not only restores Uncles Josephs dignity and identity, but it also restores the image of her.

Every section of the book has a good description of the good actions her Uncle Joseph did and the way Edwidge reacted to them. Danticat has a lot of love for her uncle and I believe that by her writing this book about him says a lot about the way she feels about her uncle. I honestly believe that even after her uncle’s death, his image is still alive and I think Edwidge did good job in keeping her uncle’s dignity and identity alive through her book.

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