spread of buddhism

Buddhism a religion some claim was founded by Barbarians’, some claimed was just as good Con- fusionism, and Laozism. The spread of this religion was for the most part responded to in a good way, because how it would help people prosper during China’s rough times, but would become disliked by many cause of practices such as mutilating was self in offerings of Buddha. Buddhism seemed to have more of an abominable impact on Chinese society then good, but still has its positives, before and during the Han, not many people practiced Buddhism wasn’t in tell the Han collapse that many conversion accord, this was do to rough times, for Chinese. Doc 5. ) They established their teachings according to the demands of age and the needs of various being’s. Giving people hope with statements like,(Doc 2. )

Whosever in China in this era of sensual pleasure, servers the Buddha and correctly observers the commandments, who recites the Buddhist Scriptures’, and who furthermore make a vow to be reborn without ever abandoning his sincere intention. Although Buddhism had its goods, it evolved to have more hatred by Chinese society, reasons for this, such as(Doc 4. your servant begs leave to say that Buddhism is no more than a cult of Barbarian peoples spread to china. It had not existed here in ancient times, (Doc 3. ) If Buddhism is the greatest and most venerable of ways, why did the great sages of the past and Confucius not practice it, and (Doc 6) Buddhism wears out the people’s strength, pilfers their wealth, causes people to abandon their lords and parents for the. Company of teachers and servers man wife its monastic decrees.

In destroying law and injuring humankind indeed nothing surpasses this doctrines! (Doc 3) In the Confucius Classics no one mentioned it. Why, the Buddha exceeds the Classic and commentaries and beautifies the accomplishment of the sages? Also Buddhist monks during offerings or just to protest their beliefs when needed to would physically wounded one self, this would be another apprehension, to show dislike for this religion. Doc 4) If these practices are not stopped , and this relic of Buddha is allowed to be carried from one temple to another, there will be those in the crowd who will cut off their arms and mutilate their flesh in offerings to the Buddha. Document from poor man’s point of view poor’s lack of education. Another point of view that was concealed was the women point of view this was probably do to the fact that women weren’t seen as worthy, were under there men, and had lack of freedom, and rights.

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